Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested but I have some questions

1. I’ve tried before and failed- why would this be different?

Because I know what it takes for you to succeed. I have a structured step-by-step process with tools and exercises you probably haven’t seen before. I blend practical and psychological techniques to create both a mental game plan and a traditional budget. Plus, nothing beats working with a coach to provide accountability.

2. Can I afford this?

Yes! I have packages to fit different income levels. Sign up for a free discovery call and we will talk.

3. But can’t I just use an app like Rocket Money and EveryDollar?

Budgeting apps can be great, but many people come to me because they have tried and failed to reach their goals this way. Why? First, because there is no substitute for person to person accountability when trying to establish new habits. More importantly, these apps help you set a budget but don’t really give you the process to help you stick to one or course correct when you go off track. They don’t teach you how to project forward, and they can’t help you see what’s realistic. I have tools and processes to fill that gap.

4. I’m really embarrassed about my situation; will this process make me feel worse?

You are not alone; lots and lots of people just hate talking about their finances because they feel like they shouldn’t be where they are. I consider “should” to be irrelevant in my practice; I meet you where you are and work to get you where you want to be. Plus, I’ve heard it all before and been there myself.  Accountability without judgment is my superpower!

5. I have no willpower; will this work for me?

Welcome to the club! Most of my clients are like this. This is very common, so in my practice, we have some cool psychological exercises designed to increase willpower and sustain motivation. More importantly, we rely on tools, structure, and accountability as much as possible to minimize the need for willpower.

6. I have a lot of willpower; can I just get a plan and some direction?

If you are the kind of person who always works your plans and reaches the goals you set, then you just need a roadmap. I have a package for you! For your type I provide a customized step by step plan to help you reach your goals and that you can execute on your own.

7. How do I know who I can trust to help?

You are wise to ask. Many financial advisors are first and foremost investment management services or insurance salespeople. They are not necessarily legally required to act in your best interest. As an Accredited Financial Counselor, I am held to the fiduciary standard, which means I am obligated to place my client’s financial interests first. Not all financial professional are required to work to this standard.  Also, I don’t sell any products or make any commissions; there are no hidden fees.

8. I’m not local; can I still participate in coaching?

No problem, this is all virtual. If you have a phone and a computer you are all set.