How it works

1. We Talk

  We talk – on our first free call we get to know each other. I learn about your situation and goals; you learn about my process to see if it’s a fit.

  Then we continue the conversation over the next 3 months with bi-weekly phone calls, email check-ins and calendar reminders.

2. We Plan

   We gather information the details of your finances.

  Then I develop a personalized, step-by step-plan to help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

  Introduce to the tools such as Flexibudget, PowerPay, and the Crystal Ball

3. We Execute

  We test the plan in real life and refine it as we go.

  During this time we are also building up your psychological toolkit, adding exercises and motivational techniques as we go, based on your needs. 

  We utilize the Budget Forward tool to bridge the gap between planning and execution. It’s why this program succeeds when apps like Mint don’t.

  We have weekly email reminders and assignments in between phone calls to help keep you on track.

4. You Succeed!

   We celebrate your success (you are going to be amazed at how far you have come) and get you ready to fly solo.