Do you have renters or homeowners insurance? Do you know if you are covered in the event of an alien invasion or the zombie apocalypse? Well that depends on whether you have a named-peril (HO-2) or open-peril policy (HO-3). With a named-peril policy you are only covered for damage resulting from specific types of events listed in the policy.
You can find a list of the most common named perils here.

You’ll see these do not include damage due to zombies or aliens, so you would be out of luck in the event of their attack or other unexpected blue mayhem. (Although perhaps a case could be made under peril #5 Riots or Civil Disturbances, you never know.)
Also worth noting – while both HO-2 and HO-3 policies will cover you if your house is engulfed by flowing lava, neither will cover you in the event of an earthquake or a flood. These perils almost always require a special policy.

So bottom line – if you are concerned about zombies read your insurance policy.